Maintenance Issues That Can Easily Cause a Trucking Accident

As a truck driver, it takes pure skill to safely operate a multi-ton rig on busy roadways. Truckers spend a lot of time in school and countless hours on the road honing their skills before they can even receive their official credentials to drive. It is important to realize that even the most educated, skilled truck driver can still have an accident and cause irreparable harm to him or herself as well as others on the road. Accidents often have nothing to do with skill, but rather mechanical issues. The following are among some of the top causes of trucking accidents not caused by driver error.

Bad Brakes

The brakes on a multi-ton truck are among the most important aspects of the vehicle. The federal government requires that the standards for brake maintenance remain quite high. The responsibility of brake maintenance falls on the driver, but the buck does not stop there. Along with daily inspection of the brake system by the driver, a maintenance specialist must also make regular checks of the brakes to ensure they are in good working condition. The specialist will check for any signs of brake issues, including air leaks in the brake chamber and broken parts.

There are some times when, despite all of the regulated maintenance, the brakes can become faulty. The manufacturer will bear some responsibility if the brakes are not functioning at proper specifications. An accident caused by inattention to brake maintenance will fall upon the driver and the trucking company. Accidents caused by faulty brakes, if proper proof of regular maintenance exists, lie with the manufacturer.

Air Pressure Tire Issues

Another cause of trucking accidents is problems with the tires. Since these trucks drive many miles every year, good tires are of great importance. Air pressure is one typical issue that can result in a truck accident.

The weight of a truck will require very specific air pressure levels in order to keep the vehicle drivable. The inflation of the tires has everything to do with ensuring a trucks weight is distributed evenly so that it maneuvers properly. Although there are multiple tires on a truck, just one with faulty air pressure can cause an accident with the truck.

These details are what will determine whether a truck can be driven safely. By paying strict attention to the brakes and tires, you can decrease the likelihood of an accident. Click here to continue reading more about causes of truck accidents and what you should do if you're involved in one.